Akilah Institute for Women Kigali (AIWK) Jobs

By | August 1, 2017

Akilah Institute for Women Kigali (AIWK) Jobs



The Recruitment and Admissions team is responsible for attracting and enrolling ideal applicants who are passionate and highly motivated in pursuing careers in Information Systems, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality Management. The Recruitment and Admissions Team offers comprehensive information about the programs offered at Akilah Institute to community members, partners and prospective applicants and their family members.

Recruitment and Admissions interacts with thousands of women and girls throughout the country and in the East African Community, informing them of what Akilah is all about. We do this through on-going, recruitment efforts throughout the year using the following channels:


Our Recruitment and Admissions team is eager to build strong partnerships with secondary schools throughout Rwanda, in particular. To do so, we visit secondary schools and give information sessions to interested students in Senior 4, 5 and 6. Would you like Akilah to visit your school? Please contact us via email, Facebook or phone! Our contact information is below.