Catholic University of Rwanda Faculty of Public Health and Human Nutrition

Catholic University of Rwanda Faculty of Public Health and Human Nutrition

As a road-map to your study, this faculty provides you with the essential skills for success in health and human nutrition management with a wide array of power learning tools of quality of life and nutrition and is composed by following departments:


• We consider a healthy and well-nourished population to be a cornerstone for the development of Rwanda and have the ambition to make a significant contribution to this.

• To be a centre of excellence in training of future professionals who are capable of addressing major health and nutritional problems for the well being of the Rwandan population. These professionals will be dedicated to the promotion of health and the prevention of nutrition-related diseases in local communities and the population at large.
• To be a centre of excellence for action research related to the fields of public health and human nutrition.


Department of Public Health

Ø  Responsible for organization, planning and evaluation of preventive, curative and promotional health activities.
Ø  Responsible for mobilization of community health networks
Ø  Researcher and policy advisor in public health

Department of Human Nutrition

Ø  Organizer , planner of nutritional activities
Ø  Controller of food stuffs quality
Ø  Responsible of small and medium food processing industries promotion
Ø  Researcher and policy advisor in nutrition and human diet.