KCCEM Rwanda Accommodation

By | September 12, 2017

KCCEM Rwanda Accommodation

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Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management campus offers a variety of facilities for tourists and working groups. Newly renovated rooms are available to host up to thirty people, and the comfortable canteen offers dining facilities with a gorgeous view of Nyungwe Forest for guests. A meeting room is also available for conference or workshops.

Accommodation facilities

The college offers comfortable accommodation to its clients and visitors. The comfort and quality of our beds is unrivaled for the charges paid. KCCEM has a total of 45 rooms with the potential to accommodate 55 people. Our rooms are grouped in six blocs and each one has a name of one of Nyungwe national Park primates or birds. Each room is self contained (washroom with warm water).

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Type of Rooms

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N.B :
⇒Breakfast not included
⇒The Great Blue Turraco bloc is composed by 20 single rooms which most of the time are used by fulltime students.

⇒Given that KCCEM is an academic institution, it can support all students in academic research activities.
The College can offer a certain discount to students spending more than 15 days, upon written request to the Principal


Because of limited number of bed spaces, visitors are strongly advised to make a booking at least one week or more before traveling to Kitabi.

⇒Booking for KCCEM accommodation and conference hall
For booking, or looking for futher information about KCCEM accommodation or conference hall,please call to the following contact numbers :
⇒(+250) 078 953 8565
⇒(+250) 078 350 6432

Bookings can also be done online ; on the following e-mail address :