Mount Kenya University Rwanda Bachelor of Education: Sciences

Mount Kenya University Rwanda Bachelor of Education: Sciences

The Program

The Bachelor of Education program is designed to recognize that its graduates shall:

  1. Have strong educational orientation and teaching knowledge in order to provide teaching knowledge, skills and abilities that will:
  • Enable successful performance of education system in academic organizations
  • Integrate all education organization systems
  • Strategize Secondary and Tertiary levels of education and its systematization.

2. Exhibit strong educational principles, good interpersonal        communication values and virtues through:

  • Appropriate teaching / training codes of conduct
  • Effective and efficient trained team work
  • Excellent work assignment and demonstration
  • Being educationally inquisitive and objective in achievements.

3. Have strong analytic and critical thinking, knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Solve educational problems in academic institutions.
  • Apply perspective and prospective educational concepts and information
  • Conceptualize and systemize functions, principles, procedures, and data in academic institutions

4. Design and implement educational solutions that enhance educational institutions performance as per intended contrast to be introduced by:

  • Acquiring, processing, designing and storing academic information for the benefit of mankind
  • Modeling teaching/ learning processes and, defining them.
  • Helping staff and students in schools and colleges to attain their goals of teaching/ learning

Rationale of the program

Mount Kenya University, Rwanda’s mission proposes to disseminate and engender cutting edge education and training. With the advent of Modern Science and Technology, the education system in Rwanda has undergone drastic changes in the past decades or so. The changes have affected many courses of study that are being governed by market demands.   The employers are equally keen on the type of graduates being produced by Rwandan Universities. Bachelor of Education is therefore designed to meet these challenges and demands affecting Rwanda’s labor market as dictated by both local and international demands.

The program is also designed to provide interdisciplinary approaches for training education professionals and scientists who need to work competitively in all fields and areas in the education sector of this country and beyond. The program shall also provide Bachelor of Education graduates with real world situations full of various techniques of teaching, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences that prepare them to meet challenges in the fields of Teaching Learning Process. Students can major in the following disciplines:

  1. Biology and Chemistry
  2. Mathematics and Chemistry
  3. Mathematics and Computer
  4. Mathematics and Physics

Why study the program

The program aims at:

  1. Preparing graduates in the practical aspect of the teaching profession.
  2. Meeting the increasing demand in the labor market for teaching management professionals in schools and colleges with relevant knowledge and skills
  3. Equipping learners with the learning capacity and capability to harness and implement relevant emerging educational skills and abilities
  4. Focusing on academic/ educational structure issues surrounding the strategic use, development and implementation of teaching skills in schools and colleges.
  5. Introducing graduates to work particularly, school or college as managers, and teachers


Entry Requirements

  1. Rwanda National Examination Council high school (secondary education) certificate with two principal passes  and a subsidiary  with at least 13 grade points
  2. Any other qualification recognized by Senate of Mount Kenya University, and equivalent to a Rwanda National Examination Council high school (secondary education) certificate.
  3. Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of information technology from an institution recognized by the university senate.


Exemptions and credit transfers

A maximum of 15 credit transfers for diploma holders in a related field recognized by the Mount Kenya University, Rwanda senate for individual subjects as per credit transfer/ exemption policy

Course Duration

The course takes duration of four academic years [8 semesters]


Applications can be downloaded here, you can also submit your application online here