Mount Kenya University Rwanda Bachelor of Education: Sciences

Mount Kenya University Rwanda Bachelor of Education: Sciences

The Program

The Bachelor of Education program is designed to recognize that its graduates shall:

  1. Have strong educational orientation and teaching knowledge in order to provide teaching knowledge, skills and abilities that will:
  • Enable successful performance of education system in academic organizations
  • Integrate all education organization systems
  • Strategize Secondary and Tertiary levels of education and its systematization.

2. Exhibit strong educational principles, good interpersonal        communication values and virtues through:

  • Appropriate teaching / training codes of conduct
  • Effective and efficient trained team work
  • Excellent work assignment and demonstration
  • Being educationally inquisitive and objective in achievements.

3. Have strong analytic and critical thinking, knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Solve educational problems in academic institutions.
  • Apply perspective and prospective educational concepts and information
  • Conceptualize and systemize functions, principles, procedures, and data in academic institutions

4. Design and implement educational solutions that enhance educational institutions performance as per intended contrast to be introduced by:

  • Acquiring, processing, designing and storing academic information for the benefit of mankind
  • Modeling teaching/ learning processes and, defining them.
  • Helping staff and students in schools and colleges to attain their goals of teaching/ learning

Rationale of the program