National University Of Rwanda Online Registration

By | July 14, 2017

National University Of Rwanda Online Registration

The Management of the University of Rwanda is delighted to inform all students of the following:

1. Online Registration for 2016-2017 Academic Year

You will be invited to register online this week and you should start preparing now. Guidelines for online registration can be obtained from the UR website (Link found at the bottom of this notice).

In case you experience any system related challenges, please contact your respective College Registrars.

2. Required fees

Fees are to be paid into the UR Account No: 00094-0637830-21 (FRW) UR INTERNAL REVENUES in Bank of Kigali. You must use your UR student number as it appears on the acceptance letter

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2.1.     Continuing students are required to pay the following fees in order to be registered: registration fees 25,000 Frw; Medical Insurance 7,000 Frw, Life Insurance 2,000 Frw, Student Union 1,000 Frw; totaling 35,000 Frw.

Students fully sponsored by the Government are required to pay only 35,000 Frw.

2.2.    All other students must pay at least the first installment of tuition fees of 112,500 Frw for STEM programmes (those in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) and 75,000 Frw for Non-STEM programmes.