Nyanza and Kayonza Muslims urged to fight GBV

By | August 22, 2017

Nyanza and Kayonza Muslims urged to fight GBV

Nyanza and Kayonza Muslims urged to fight GBV

Muslims from Nyanza and Kayonza District during their meeting.

Muslims in Nyanza and Kayonza District have been called on to increase efforts against gender-based-violence and child abuse by providing timely information to Police and other security agencies.

The call was made recently during a community meetings held in Kayonza and brought together over 400 Muslims from the two district. The meeting meant to foster dialogue about crime prevention.

Addressing the meeting, the vice Mayor in charge of social welfare, Jean Damascene Harerimana told Muslims at the community meeting that they should understand their individual roles in ending GBV by sensitizing their fellow Muslims about equality and the need to protect women and children rights.

“Working together will send out a strong message to those in the habit of torturing women and children that they cannot commit a crime and walk scot-free. Through community policing, we can, together with Police, ensure that crimes are prevented or solved in time and that social justice is upheld,” he said.

During the same meeting, the District Community Liaison Officer, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Leonille Mujawamariya said, “Do not let GBV and child abuse go unreported. Police is here to work with you to address such crimes and other challenges in society.

‘‘Therefore, as Muslims and members of the community, you have a responsibility to play your part in protecting your communities by respecting the law at all times and collaborating with Police to tackle crimes.”

The Deputy Imam of the Southern Region Sheikh Authuman Kabiriti thanked Muslims of Kayonza that invited them for the sensitization meeting and pledged to echo the same message to muslims in the southern region.