Provision of Technical Advisory Services Ngali Energy Ltd

By | March 13, 2018

Provision of Technical Advisory Services Ngali Energy Ltd

Ngali Energy Ltd

Ngali Energy (NE) was launched in 2012 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ngali Holdings Ltd (formerly Digitech Solutions). Ngali Energy is headquartered in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali, at the heart of the African continent.

We are specializes in the development and O&M of Energy Assets in East Africa and beyond. We have an in-depth knowledge of what needs to happen to strengthen entire energy systems: from policy to generation to transmission to distribution.

We are immensely proud of the work we have done thus far for the continent. And we are always open to partners and investors who share our passion, vision and commitment to Africa and its people.



Tender Reference Number: NOTS/004/03/NE/18 

Ngali Energy is Rwandan company specializing in the development, Operations and maintenance of energy assets in Rwanda and the region. Ngali Energy is a fully owned subsidiary of Ngali Holdings Ltd.

Ngali Energy, herein referred to as “The Client”, hereby invites capable firms with experience in Energy sector to submit their best proposals to provide Technical Advisory Services to Ngali Energy.  The services shall be rendered on need basis upon request the client.

All interested consultants can obtain the detailed tender document with terms of reference from the procurement office of Ngali Energy or contact by email starting from March 12th, 2018.

Well-sealed envelopes, written in English and presented in 2 copies one of which marked original and 1 copy, should be submitted to Ngali Energy procurement office located at Bodifa Mercy House 5th Floor, KG 624ST Kimihurura in Kigali not later than Wednesday March 21st, 2018 by or before 10AM local time.  Late bids will be rejected.

Detailed Financial Proposals shall be sealed in a separate envelop from the technical proposal all together in one envelop. The outer envelope shall mark “financial proposal” and “Technical Proposal”.

Bids will be opened physically in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend in person at the address above on the same day 11:00AM in Ngali Energy Board Room.

Quality Cost Based Selection shall be used in the evaluation

Technical Proposal – 70%

Financial Proposal – 30%

Done at Kigali, on March 12, 2018

John RUGWE                                                                                                                            

Managing Director

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