Rwanda National Police Driving Licence

Rwanda National Police Driving Licence

The public registration of candidates seeking driving licence in the country kicked off on January 8 and will end on January 26.

The registration is only online, using a mobile phone.

For those seeking a provisional licence, they send an SMS as; ID number –space- District –space- P –space- O –space- Rwanda Revenue Authority receipt number, and send to 3126.

(EXAMPLE: 1198080043026249 Gatsibo P O 08979198, Send to 3126).

Letter “P” stands for provisional while “O” means the candidate does not have any driving licence.

For those registering to do practical tests, they send an SMS as; national ID number –space- District –space- your licence code –space- letter (A, B, C, D, E, F) indicating category your are pursuing, RRA receipt number and send to 3126.

(EXAMPLE: 1199O81111111111 Kamonyi G619016⁄2012 B 08979198, and send to 3126.)

This registration applies to MTN subscribers.

After sending the message, a candidate gets feedback indicating the code and district where they will do their tests from.

Registration beyond the said date will be null and void.