Rwanda National Police Flag

Rwanda National Police Flag

The website of the Prime Minister of Rwanda has the law (documented in French, Swahili and English) with details of the Rwanda flag and state emblem.,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,85\

The colour specifications are a mixture of RAL and Pantone. Article 6 (pg 30 and 31) lists the colors as the following:

Pantone 299 C 2X (blue)
RAL 6029 (green)
RAL 1023 (yellow)
RAL 1003 (golden yellow).

The attached construction sheet (page 42 and 43) shows the sun (and rays) bigger, than what is described in the text. The diameter of the sun is listed as 0.125 of the width of the flag. So, taking the Wikipedia image (400×600 pixels), the sun is now 75 pixels in size. That makes the sun very, very small and makes no sense to me.

The diameter indicated under the construction image is mistyped. It should be 0.215 instead of 0.125.  If you count proportions of size from text, the result is 0.215 in all cases.  So, I prefer to follow the size values written in text and construction image where the star is really bigger.