Rwanda National Police Hospital

Rwanda National Police Hospital

Police Hospital is next to Katshuriro and is located in Kigali Province, Rwanda. Police Hospital has a length of 0.41 kilometres.

  • amenity: hospital
  • designation: Rwanda National Police Hospital
  • emergency: yes
  • source:…police/hospitals


Walking into a hospital with hopes for quality services is one of the most encouraging moments for any patient.

Those that have walked through Kacyiru Police Hospital seeking for treatment, speak out on the kind of service and treatment they get.

Eunice Musabemwese, a 51-years old mother of four, spent years battling with abdominal pains, she frequented several hospitals trying to find out what was causing the pains and get treatment.

Musabemwese, a resident of Rwamagana District had lost hope yet the pain in her stomach was getting acute each day.

One morning, the bed-ridden ailing mother woke up to attend to one of her neighbors who had visited her.

“I was in a completely sorry state, my neighbor told me to try Kacyiru Police Hospital (KPH). I had completely lost hope, I didn’t believe there was a cure for the pain I had,” said Musabemwese.